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I am a PhD fellow at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA) and Digital Democracy Center (DDC) at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). The title of my project (and the group that I am part of) is Trust and News Authenticity, and our goal is to provide a novel approach to combating misinformation. My excellent supervisors are Joan Boyar, Kim Skak Larsen, Ruben Niederhagen, and Claes de Vreese.

The Axiom of Choice is obviously true, the well-ordering principle obviously false, and who can tell about Zorn's lemma?

— Jerry Bona

1 Contact

Simon Erfurth
Lahnsgade 17, 3. TV.
5000 Odense C

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2 Education

When What Where
2022–2024 PhD. in Computer Science Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark
2019–2021 M.Sc. in Mathematics Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark
2016–2019 B.Sc. in Mathematics Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark
2012–2015 High School Odense Tekniske Gymnasium
2011–2012 Boarding School Korinth Efterskole Spejderskolen
2002–2011 Elementary School Rasmus Rask Skolen

2.1 Master's Thesis: Oblivious Transfer in Quantum Cryptography

Advisor: Professor Joan Boyar, University of Southern Denmark.
External examiner: Professor Ivan Damgård, Aarhus University.
Abstract: We give a broad introduction to quantum mechanics and its implications in computer science, together with a thorough investigation of sampling games in a quantum setting. With this toolkit, we show that the BBCS92 protocol for the cryptographic primitive oblivious transfer is secure against arbitrary quantum adversaries. Finally, we show how to create bit-commitments from post-quantum one-way functions.
  Graded 12 on the Danish 7-point grading scale (Equivalent ECTS mark: A).

The final version of my thesis can be found here.

2.2 Conferences and Schools

  • The 12th BIU Winter School on Cryptography, January 2022.
    Advances in Secure Computation.
  • Digital CISPA Summer School, 2021, August/September 2021.
    Coding Techniques & Advanced Post-Quantum Cryptography.
  • The 11th BIU Winter School on Cryptography, February 2021.
    Cryptography in a Quantum World.
  • Young Mathematicians in C*-Algebras, August 2019.

3 Teaching

At IMADA, I have been a TA in the following courses

When Course Code Professor ECTS
2022 (Autumn) Discrete Methods for [Computer Science/Data Science] DM549/DS820 Lene Favrholdt 10
2022 (Spring) Complexity and Computability DM553 Joan Boyar 10
2021 (Spring) Applications of mathematics in life sciences BMB539 Jonathan R. Brewer 5
2020 (Autumn) Linear Algebra MM505 Wojciech Szymanski 5
2020 (Autumn) Linear Algebra with Applications DM561 Wojciech Szymanski 10
2020 (Spring) Applications of mathematics in life sciences BMB539 Jonathan R. Brewer 5
2019 (Autumn) Curves and Surfaces MM512/MM842 Michele Della Morte 5
2019 (Autumn) Mathematical methods for economics MM540 Michele Della Morte 10
2019 (Autumn) Introduction to Mathematical Methods MM537 Lene Favrholdt 5
2019 (Spring) Applications of mathematics in life sciences BMB539 Jonathan R. Brewer 5
2018 (Autumn) Linear Algebra MM505 Christian Kudahl 5
2018 (Spring) Mathematical and Numerical Analysis MM533 Ralf Zimmermand 10
2017 (Autumn) Linear Algebra MM505 Wojciech Szymanski 5

Between February 2020 and December 2021, I hosted the homework cafe "Matematikcafeen" at IMADA, approximately once per week. "Matematikcafeen" is an open cafe where students following courses at IMADA can come to discuss any problems they might find difficult with a more experienced student.

I have also facilitated various workshops on LaTeX and Emacs.

Finally, from August 2017 to July 2018, I was involved in organising the UNF Matematikcamp 2018, a week-long event for Danish High School students with an interest in mathematics. Together with a fellow university student, I organised an introductory course in Linear Algebra. This involved writing material for the course, and planning and hosting both lectures and exercise sessions.

4 Outreach

Forskningens døgn 2022
Prøv kræfter med kryptologi (23/04 2022)
Oplev Computer Science - IT på højeste plan
Oplæg og opgaver om kryptolog (21/06 2022)
UNF Odense
Foredrag "Kryptologi, quantum, og zero-knowledge proofs: Spionfilm eller Matematik?" (22/11 2022)

5 Volunteer Work

  • Since July 2021 Assistant Coach, Odense University Rowing, Odense Roklub.
  • August 2021–March 2022 Revisorsuppleant, Odense Roklub.
  • April 2020–Marts 2021 Member of IMADA Fagråds bestyrelse.
  • September 2017–September 2019 Member of the board, J. B. Winsløwkollegiet.
  • August 2017–July 2018 Teacher, UNF Matematikcamp 2018, UNF.
    I taught and wrote material for a course on Linear Algebra, aimed at High School students.
  • 2007–2012 (Assistant) Scoutmaster, Rasmus Rask gruppen, Det Danske Spejderkorps.
    Over the years I have been a scoutmaster for various age groups, ranging from 6–8 year olds to 10–13 year olds.

6 Work Experience

When Where What
Aug. 2015-- Odense Kommune Reserve Disability Helper
Aug. 2021–Dec. 2021 IMADA, SDU Scientific Assistant
Sep. 2017–Jun. 2021 IMADA, SDU Teaching Assistant
Jul. 2016–Apr. 2017 Fakta, Bolbro Assistant Manager
Aug. 2014–Jun. 2016 Fakta, Bellinge Assistant Manager
Aug. 2013–Jun. 2014 Fakta, Bellinge Cashier
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